A safe alternative to inversion table therapy to help back pain sufferers.

One device that is a safe and effective alternative to inversion tables is the Nubax Trio.  Just like inversion tables, the Nubax Trio is designed to aid in spinal decompression but without hanging upside down.  In this way, the Nubax Trio can be used safely to get the same benefits as an inversion table without the risk of increasing blood pressure, headaches, or risk back strains for those with back surgery or injuries.

Check out this video to see the Nubax Trio in action:


  1. Hey, thanks for this outstanding post on Inversion Table therapy. I’ve been reviewing some of the best models, and the best I’ve come across thus far is the EP-560, although I do find that the majority of tables are simply ineffective at curing back pain. Do you have any tips/tricks for determining the true, potent value of a tables ability to effectively cure back pain? Thanks!

  2. LOL. Who doesn’t experience back pain from time to time? I do. I do. Through trial and error, I have realized the importance of having good posture in preventing back pain. Check this out to learn more: Exercises for posture. How do you know you have poor posture? Have someone snap a picture of you from the side while your standing and not looking (relaxed). Then take a look at the picture. If your shoulders are rounded forward and your back is rounded, then you have poor posture. It’s time to fix it with a back pain cure that uses exercise for your posture.

  3. Thanks for the reply Albina. I've elaborated on your points on my website: http://www.inversiontablereviews.us/.